western union
Excel Concept accepts Western Union payments Rates applied: 
For less than ten euros of purchase the Western Union rate will be: 
Amount of the desired program(s) + €2 fee. 
For example, for a module at 3.90 € the payment will be 5.90 € 
Between ten euros and fifty euros of purchase, the Western Union rate will be: 
Amount of the desired programme(s) + €1 fee. 
For example, for a module at 25.90 € the payment will be 26.90 € 
Beyond fifty euros, no fees will be applied.

Pay with Western Union in Three Steps: 
1 / Make your Western Union deposit in one of the 500,000 existing agencies around the world or directly online. 
The information to be communicated concerning the Excel-Concept company will be as follows: 
Mr Grasset Guillaume 
20 Chemin de la Prée du Bourg 
79220 Germond Rouvre (France)
2 / Inform the Excel-Concept company of your Western Union payment 
Either via the Contact tab Or by email to the address: unmecenbaskets@gmail.com 
To contact me: 
Your full first and last name 
The desired program 
Western Union transfer number 
3 / Upon receipt of payment, the program will be sent to you by email. 
And you benefit from the same conditions as for any other payment. 
Three-month warranty period on all programs and free after-sales service during this period.


20 Chemin de la prée du bourg
79220 Germond (France)

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