Excel Concept
Design and Development of software in Excel and VBA
Custom Design :

Our primary mission is to design for you the Excel file or application which will fully meet your needs and which will allow you to save precious time !!

Excel Concept offers the design and optimization of Excel files or applications, with or without visual basic programming (depending on feasibility), task automation, all completely tailor-made (only under Windows operating system).

A project ? Do not hesitate to ask us your questions via the Contact tab. Free estimate on request.

Why use Excel for your management tools? 

And quite simply because today Excel is present everywhere, whether it is on your personal computer or your professional computer network. 
Whether it's a simple improved spreadsheet or a full-fledged application Excel offers unexpected and almost limitless possibilities. 
Nowadays, all the management of a company is now done via IT. 
Whether it is database management, statistical monitoring, customer monitoring, invoicing, file processing ...

Thanks to Excel, we will be able to help you automate all the tasks that until then have been time consuming for you.

But concretely how does it go?

A project takes place in four stages.

First of all, the collection of your needs. All you have to do is tell us your vision of things, what you expect from the desired file or program. 
From there, a quote will be systematically offered to you. 
If the quote meets your expectations, we move on to the next step, the development of specifications. 
The latter will allow you to have an overview of the final program and to make certain adaptations if you wish.
Once the specifications have been validated, it's up to us. We move on to the development stage during which everything will be done to develop YOUR tailor-made program. 
Finally, the last step is delivery. 
You can then take charge of the program.
Of course, during this last step, we remain at your disposal to correct any anomalies that you may encounter or make some minor modifications.

Concept  - Guillaume Grasset is registered in the commercial register of Niort (FRANCE) : RCS 834 566 283

Information and recommendations: 
All the programs offered in the catalog can be modified and adapted on request. 
Before making a purchase, we advise you to read the General conditions of sale (GSC tab)
Paid downloads are available after payment is made. 
You will be automatically redirected to the download page. Sometimes this redirect does not work, usually due to the presence of an antispam or an adblock in your browser. If you were unable to access the download page, please let us know via the contact tab. 
All the programs offered in our catalog require the use of the Microsoft Office Pack version 2007 minimum or higher. 
Excel Concept cannot guarantee their correct functioning on Open Office, Libre Office or Office Starter. 
Unless otherwise indicated, all the programs offered below are only compatible with Windows and are protected to prevent misuse of the programs for commercial purposes.
* See the general conditions of sale.


You already have ean13 barcodes 
Download the EAN13 font as well as an already functional Excel file that will allow you to generate your EAN13 in barcode format in Excel.


You already have ean8 barcodes 
Download the EAN8 font as well as an already functional Excel file that will allow you to generate your EAN8 in barcode format in Excel.

Excel EAN13 - Automatic Barcode Generation

Do you want to create your own EAN13 barcodes with Excel?

This program is made for you...

Excel EAN8 - Automatic Barcode Generation

Do you want to create your own EAN8 barcodes with Excel?

This program is made for you...

Excel Complementary Macro - Automatic EAN13 generation

Do you want to be able to generate barcodes of the type EAN13 in any Excel file from a single code or a list of codes without handling complex calculation formulas?

Excel Complementary Macro - All types of automatic bar codes

Vous voulez obtenir des codes barres sous Excel, mais la macro-programmation et les formules de calcul vous font peur ? Ce kit est fait pour vous. 

Ce pack vous permet de créer tous les types de code barres dans Excel (EAN13, code 39, tous les types de codes barres 128).

Excel QR-Codes generator

You need to generate QR-Codes via Excel. 
Discover this tool ...


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