Since trust is not easily gained, consult the opinions of Excel Concept customers.


Gestion de Stocks Articles et numéros de lot

The company Excel Concept is professional, responsive, Efficient and Commercial.


Programme Gestion de Stocks et D'inventaires

I really appreciated the responsiveness of the technical and customer service. The program offers enough flexibility to adapt to ad hoc needs. Clearly, compared to my needs, a successful company.


Programme Gestion des Immobilisations

Asset Management Program For the realization of our project, I found openness, advice, a pragmatic approach, a jovial and professional contact. The search for a solution is at the center as well as customer satisfaction. The delivered product corresponds in every way to our request. A big thanks.


Programme Générateur de QR Code et Vérification d'URLs

QR Code Generator and URL Verification Program Efficient, quickly understands the wait. Simply explain. 
Great job.


Refonte Programme suivi d'activité

Diversity of means of exchange, good dynamics (emails, visit to the site, video presentation). Scalable application, all optimization requests have been processed. Good compromise between price and level of service, hence good cost optimization. A few lengths for the initial contact but everything went well afterwards.


Générateur de code barre automatique

U bent toch wel een beetje mijn super held. Nogmaals bedankt.


Programme Scan Code Barre sortie d'école

Quality service, kindness, availability, speed. I can only advise to use the services of your company. Really, I am delighted.


Programme de Génération d'Etiquettes Code barre

A company that listens to the customer, which makes proposals but without changing the customer's idea. 
A very responsive company that is always available.


Programme de Gestion Commercial.

I recommend +++ 
from a few ideas "Un Mec En Baskets" worked miracles and created software from Excel that was tailor-made and really suited to my company. Very professional and attentive, you can go there with your eyes closed.


Programme de Gestion Commercial.

Fast, efficient and affordable.


Fichier Génération de Codes Barres.

Barcode Generation File. Clear, fast, inexpensive. In the top.


Création appli Code barre et étiquettes.

Dear "Excel Concept", as for the Oscars ceremony, I would like to honor you, you without whom I could not have created my bar codes at a lower cost, an exceptional quality / price ratio and a rare generosity. Your precious advice allowed me to find "sneakers to my feet" !! So receive all my thanks to you to whom I would like to present my Oscar.


Création de plusieurs applications sur demande.

Good listening on my research and my needs, the exchanges are fast and very effective.

Société DK

Création d'une application Excel d'import de données Internet.

Creation of an Excel application for importing Internet data. Custom tools made by a fast and efficient professional at a reasonable price. 
After-sales service is available, even on weekends! 
I recommend without hesitation.


Générateur de code barre et d'étiquettes

Efficient program, with immediate availability. When I needed technical assistance, personalized response by email during the day.


Demande de réalisation sur mesure

It is a pleasure for me to emphasize here the quality and the service of this company. Serious, intelligent and fast service. 
I highly recommend.

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